Monday, November 2, 2009

Tough Straight Lesson

I had 4 straight pool matches left. I figured I might lose 1, win 3.

On this one night, I thought I was going to win. I went in thinking of my opponents' stats, remembering he hasn't won as many as I, so of course I was a little over confident. Instead, he played jam up! I found myself down in the match, as I sat there and saw him runs balls and play mean safeties. I was down 56 to 28. :(

I bet I looked like a deer in the headlights. I was stunned.

I told myself (finally) to just simply focus when I would get to the table. A few more innings at the table and I found myself on a 10-ball run and then a 13-ball run, then 7 and 5 and caught up to the 30-ball deficit! He had 53 and I had 61. He wasn't happy and I was surprised, lol. Toward the end of our race to 100 however, I am down again 79 to 67 then 85 to 72. I snuck closer being down only 87 to 78 then only 91 to 86. At this point, I find myself at the table. I see that I can run a few balls and I do, but also see I a great opportunity for a break-out shot! My instincts tell me how many balls I need - I need another rack to get to 100 - even tho there are 3 ducks waiting for me. However, I go for the break-out shot and DOG IT!

I gain a HUGE learning experience at the expense of losing. :( Because.... after I sorely missed the break out shot, it donned on me as I climbed slowly, deflated, onto the cold, hard stool that I could have made those ducks and then played safe - then there would not be enough balls on the table for him to make 100 and we would have had to shoot another rack anyway. I was SO embarrassed how bad I missed the break-out but more so disappointed I didn't see this!! Going for the break-out would have been right if wasn't the end of the game. Being aware of their score at the end of the game is crucial. It was a very tough loss for me - I should have won. I even had another chance but it was a tough shot for me and I missed. :(

So, this added another damn loss to my stats that I wasn't expecting. UGH!!!

I lost 100-89. :(

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