Friday, November 27, 2009

Bah Hum Bug

I went to the last stop of the OB Cues Ladies Tour wanting to end the season out well. I decided to do what I did for the BCAPL State 9 Ball tourney (where I was successful), which was to focus completely on staying down.

I am not sure what happened. Okay, I do - I didn't succeed.

I didn't get a bye, then defeated my good friend Shayla Neris 7-5 in a really bad match. Then I played MIP Lisa Henderson-Major on the stream table. As the previous year's MIP, it was battle of the MIPs! lol. MIP - Most Improved Player

During the match, I didn't get upset, but I did get frustrated with how well she was getting out (lol). I never gave up at any point but Lisa outplayed me. Here is the recorded match.

Me, focused.

I then played Kyu Yi next. I was surprised I was able to win as many games as I did but in the end, I missed some key shots toward the end of the match that cost me that match. I had my chances, but didn't capitalize. :(

I think I placed 33rd, here are the brackets. I didn't get in the money and placed the worst in a long time on this tour.

Tournament Description: Upset (more to come)

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