Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My New Shaft

As I mentioned in another post, I tried out a friend's OB-2 for a few games one evening and really liked it. I had tried the OB-1 shaft about 3 years ago or so and even though I used it for about 6months, I stopped using it. I thought I used too much English to appreciate the shafts' low deflection and since I was self taught, I knew it would take a long time to un-do that, lol, so I stopped using it. Well, the OB shafts in my opinion have improved for some reason, I can't explain why, but I have heard a few people who used one before and stopped, are now using a new OB that they recently tried again. I am now one of those people. :)

Of course, it could be I like the OB-2 better.

I thought the OB-2 would be too skinny for me, but I actually love it even more so than the OB-1 size.

The OB shafts are low deflection shafts. Here are the specs of the OB-2:
  • 11.75mm tip diameter
  • 1/2" Laminated Maple Ferrule
  • Combination pro/conical taper
  • Everest Tip by Tiger Products
  • Available to fit all the popular joint sizes and styles
The first time I used my new OB-2, I shot with it in a straight pool match (that I won). I then hit balls with it for an hour the next day during my practice session. I then used it during my last two tournaments where I placed 5th, and 2nd (and 1st in a team event). While I know my skills got me the wins, I love the OB-2 shaft!

I read on a thread on AZB where people asked why they like low deflection shafts and why not. While there are many more reasons why people like them, it is true it gives you confidence because you are less likely to miss certain shots that seems to always have deflection (that has plagued my game on long shots or extreme-English shots) and you can also draw further. But it's more than that - it allows you to move the cueball more precisely.

For some reason, my reasoning for not using the OB-1 before is not still viable - I use the same English and am very satisfied with the OB-2 shaft. The cut shots I had trouble with before with the OB-1 I no longer have trouble making. Of course, my game has also improved as I am more comfortable with my game, but now I am also more comfortable with the SHAFT, which obviously is an important part of our game, right?

The OB-2 feels "right" through my bridge hand, almost like an extension from my arm/hand rather than a shaft I shoot with. It's very difficult to explain. But, I love it!


Anonymous said...

the big question is:

*say it together* "HOW MUCH IS IT?"


Melinda said...

The dealers sell them for 15% off the list, which is $199.75. Many dealers are listed on this webpage: