Monday, April 27, 2009

Vegas Ready?

The BCAPL 8-Ball Championships - my favorite tournament! - is going to be held May 8-16th in Las Vegas at the Riviera.

Well, this year I am doing things different. Last year and the year before I prepared a lot (read it here). This year, I just haven't done any special preparations. I might re-read Phil's Play Your Best 8 Ball, I might practice 8ball, but I have not been doing the stairs at work like I like to for stamina and I even gained 5 pounds; I haven't setup practice sessions, haven't opened my 8ball book yet, haven't really done anything yet.

I admit I still feel okay; I admit I think my straight pool league will help me; I admit I have been reading my notes about the mental game; I admit I am going to practice more straight pool before I go; but otherwise, I am just going to focus on my overarching goal to stay down; I have no expectations, except to focus on my fundamental and to have fun. Don't worry, I will still play decent pool and enjoy every event - scotch, singles and teams. I just feel a little disheartened I guess. The last two years I prepared (too much I think) and played in the Open of the women's singles but was out in two both years. Pretty cool being a previous Master player, huh? NOT. lol. I did do well in teams and scotch, though. :)

I really can't see myself not doing anything, so I will prolly do more preparations than I realize, but there is only a week and a half til I catch that beautiful AA flight to Lost Wages. Eeek! :)

In the meantime, enjoy a nice photoshop job by one of my forum friends, Derek Disco!!!

From left to right: Justin, Derek, Jimbo, Easy-e, Sarah Rousey, me, Mark, Sunny, and Nasty.

Believe it or not, this was submitted as a shirt contest idea for the TAR BAR ( special area for live streaming from the Riviera). Luckily, it wasn't picked! LMAO.

Thank you for the laugh, Derek. :)

For those few that read this blog, if you see me in Vegas, tap me on the shoulder and say hello please!

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Melinda said...

From Rebecca, who can't seem to get the comment section to work:

"ME NEITHER!!! As a matter of fact Dalton and I were just talking about how we really slacked off on getting prepared.. he says he feels when he stresses himself too much over practicing he stops enjoying himself as much.. perhaps that is because he put unnecessary pressure on himself.. As far as tapping you on the "shoulder" I plan on having some drinks with you so WATCH OUT!"