Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How Do I Get Ready for Vegas?

Good question!

---Well, because scotch doubles can last all day long the first day, increasing stamina is key. I walk 10 flights of stairs every day at work for a month before going to the BCA Nationals in May in Las Vegas, NV. I can completely tell the difference from the years I did not do this - I don't get tired or lose energy, plus, my legs and feet don't get sore. If you think about it, we play pool all day long at weekend tournaments, but not necessarily back to back to back from 9am to 9pm like can happen with Scotch Doubles.

---Nature, for some reason, helps my mind; it eases my thoughts and makes my whole inner soul feel relaxed. Therefore, I go to and check out the Africam. It is a live feed of a watering hole. Even if creatures are not on the screen, having the sound up and listening to the animals at night is still soothing. I also tend to stop by a small creek to try and catch little creatures enjoying the sun or water, or driving slowly by a house who have horses; little things like this to get my mind ready.

---I also try and play in a few weekly 8-ball tournaments a couple of weeks before Vegas, to test my skills and get my mind ready for 8 ball competition. I only play in a few of them, but enough to satisfy my yearning for BCA Nationals.

---And finally, reviewing 8Ball is the top preparedness activity I do! I don't play 8 ball regularly, so reviewing strategy and different shots that I don't normally think about, helps me out immensely! I read Play Your Best Eight Ball and the 8 ball portion of Play Your Best Pool ( I honestly feel the whole reason I am successful at 8 ball is because of these two books. The only thing I mess up is my shotmaking, lol!

Here is one sample from Phil Capelle's book, Play Your Best Eight Ball:
Basically, the above is an example of how to set up a break out shot and also break out a cluster with ball in hand. Two accomplishments in one!

Until Next Time.

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