Monday, April 20, 2009

Straight Pool Straight Faced No Longer

Damn Straight Pool. This game is bringing out my emotions! Damn sounds-like-an-easy-game-but-isn't. I started a straight pool league and the first couple of matches were fine, but as I get more matches under my belt, my desire to win is a pure struggle as stupid misses lead to missed opportunities and points! I find myself getting frustrated, and cussing more (lol). I vent more, too. I see it also carries over into my tournament play - I am showing more emotion than usual when I do something crazy or something crazy happens. At least I think it's the straight pool that is doing this - otherwise, I am not sure. Maybe I am just showing my personality more? I dunno. All I do know is, I love straight pool but it's frustrating as hell!

My friend Robert was watching me play a match the other night and I'd miss and he'd say, "this game is frustrating, isn't it?" LOL! No kidding! I lost 96-100 and was ticked off! And then I played the next day and another friend was watching. He said, "did you mean to do that?" I had just accidentally fouled, but my opponent and he were talking about what I did was really a great safety move and I replied, "no, I fvcked up." Eeek! Damn game bringing out my emotions. LOL. I love Straight Pool!

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R Riley said...

Hmm well if someone asks you if you meant to do that.. perhaps your snippy response was just because of what they said.. sometimes I feel if someone asks me that its as if they don't think I am capable of a good safety or whatever... Secondly.. I wish we had a straight pool league in Houston.. :( boo..