Friday, January 16, 2015

Signing up for a Tourney Out of State

I had an odd moment today.

I found out about a tournament in Feb that I decided to play in, but I had to call and see if they had any openings left.

I was told to call "a Michelle."

This is in Oklahoma.

I know a coupe of Michelle's in Oklahoma, but would they know or remember me? 

So, I call the number and ask for Michelle.

And I said stupidly, "Hey Michelle, this is Melinda Bailey from Texas." 

I pause. 

Wait, that sounded weird.  Who cares where you are from and what your last name is, Melinda.

Under distress, I added, "Uh, do you know who I am?" 

Realizing all of a sudden that BOTH the statement and question were pretty stupid.

OMG, I wasn't even thinking how I worded all that - it just kinda came out that way!

And she says, "Oh hey, how are you?  Yea, I know you.  This is Michelle (         ).... " and she said her last name to me.

I was like, cool, we do know each other! 

Whew - what a relief!

And she reminded me we played in teams against each other in the finals in Vegas a couple of years ago.

Okay, cool, I'm not talking silly after all, haha!

We talked a couple of minutes and she told me there were six open slots, so then she signed me up.



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