Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mobile App for Showing Your Shots

There have been several options to show your friends a shot.

I have written about a few before:
  • Napkin - link
  • Drawing on your phone - link
  • Online website - see an example I posted in another blog entry here
And there have been printed little notebooks, too.

And of course, now, there is an app for that.

If you haven't been shown this yet by any friends, let me introduce you to Shot Pad.

(Click image to enlarge)

You can download from any playstore via any mobile phone or device.

It's very easy to move the balls around and draw lines.  It also allows you to save the diagram to your gallery.  It's really cool!

Here is what the logo looks like, so you make sure the download the correct Shot Pad:

And here is an example of showing a shot:


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