Friday, January 9, 2015

Safeties are Important Shots, too

One thing I learned over the years was that I was not giving my safeties due respect.

And I wasn't giving them as much attention as I did with all my other shots.

Treat them the same:
  • Walk around the table.
  • Take your time shooting them.
  • Use your pre-shot routine.

I have failed on many safeties because I didn't give them the credit that they deserved.  Kind of like the same credit you give a 9-ball in a match.

They are important.

It could lead to ball in hand.

Or, if you don't give it enough attention, you could leave them a shot to where they kick safe against you and then YOU are hooked, forced to kick back. 

Don't just hook them, FREEZE them up against another ball.

Don't be lazy or sloppy.

Don't be like I used to be with safeties.  They are a key part to our game and key component in our box of tools.  Use it wisely and smart.

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