Sunday, January 18, 2015

Money Learning Experience

I had a very good learning experience this past weekend.

While running the Omega Tournament, a pool player, who I have known forever in the pool world, says he needs to talk to me.  He was out of the tournament on Saturday, but he was at the pool room on Sunday for some reason.  (I don't think he lives in the area, but he was still there for some reason)

Long story short, he wants to borrow $20.

I gave him $30 and said "Merry Christmas," because he said he wasn't sure when he could pay it back.  So, I kinda just gifted it to him.  He recently lost a family member and I felt bad.

A couple of hours later, he wants to talk again.

This time, we talk outside.

He asks for more money, saying he needed to go see his family, which I understood, and he said though that again he wasn't sure when he could pay me back.

He asked for $20, but I said to him, "Do you need more, though?  Would $30 help?"

He said yes and looked very solemn admitting it, looking at the ground.

I then asked honestly, "Do you need more?"  Realizing that most people who ask for money normally need more than $20 or $30.

I felt for him, as I know how it feels to lose a family member.  He said, "Yes, I could, but I want you to know I have no idea when I could pay it back."

I told him I understood.

He asked that we keep it between us (hence the reason for no mention of names).

Long story VERY short, I gave him a certain amount of money, and then found out later that that was the EXACT same amount he bet on a football game that afternoon.

He lied to me.

He also lost the bet.

But, I fell for it.

I fell for his lies.

And it was a HUGE learning experience for me.

Even as I type this, it's tough to even admit that I was swindled (well, I feel hustled). 

I didn't say anything to him after I found out.  Even though he was at the pool room into the evening hours, I just let him be.

I am hurt and kinda ashamed about it all, honestly. 

I figure the time will come when he asks again.  And at that next time, I will say no and explain politely why he CAN NOT borrow any money from me ever again.

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