Saturday, January 3, 2015


I mentioned I played in a scotch doubles tournament.  They listed no "Masters" or "KA"s could play.

KA.  Known Ability.

Boy, that turned out to be something else!

They weren't going to let several players play (including myself) but then someone came up with an idea that KA's could just add one game to their race.

I asked my partner about it.

He said, "well, what is the race."

"Uh, they don't know yet."

He said, "Let's play anyway."

I didn't want to!  I wanted to be defiant!  (Is that the correct word?)

I was miffed, I admit, because they were questioning my partner and wanted to have us go an extra game.

I told them that my partner didn't play as good as another guy that was playing.  But they said HIS partner wasn't that good (ouch), so they let them play together.

And then they told me I was Master/Advanced.  Ugh.  I had to point out I'm NOT a master in ANY league.  Advanced only in ACS (not even BCAPL).

But then when they explained that most couples were very amateur levels and that they just didn't want us to scare the other players, I calmed down a bit.

I decided to play and get some good practice in.

I show up and I see /several/ teams that should ALSO race to one extra game.  One team they already talked to, the other they hadn't considered and the consensus was they should, also. 

It was actually a very TOUGH tournament. 

So, even though there were suppose to be very amateur teams, it was instead quite tough!  Wow.

And the race t was 2 on each side, but three teams (including that of my partner Jesse and I) had to go to 3 on each side.

As I mentioned on my previous blog post, we placed 3rd out of 20 teams.  We played real well together.  TOUGH tourney and tough teams! 

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