Monday, October 31, 2011


I played one of my final 3 straight pool matches of the season on Friday night.  I wasn't sure how I would fair, but to ruin the suspense, I won 100-79 against a good player whom I consider very talented.

We were neck and neck for most of the match and then at 68-65 him, I caught a gear and ran 9, 2, 6, 6, and 12 to win 100 to 79.  My high run for the match was 18 (which is pretty good for me!).

I wrote about my opponent before.  I nicknamed him Turtle #1.  Yes, he is a slow player but more so because he is deliberate and plays smart - so sometimes that means playing safes instead of risking shots.

As I mentioned in the two blog articles I wrote before, I don't mind him playing slow.  It's just how he plays.  I plan for a long match and I don't let it get to me.  However, this is also the same person who another league member asked to play faster and take more chances.  As I wrote before, a guy I nicknamed "The Talker" told me a few months ago that he was so annoyed with how slow Turtle #1 played, he told him to take more chances and speed up his game.  I was pretty appalled when he told me this (still am, actually).

Anyway, on Friday night, Turtle #1 and I talked about our match after it was over.

He said said I played good and that I won because I didn't miss as many shots as he did.  What I noticed was I missed earlier in the match and he missed later in the match.  I told him I tried to figure out why I was missing in the beginning and once I figured that out, I guess I played better.

I also told him, "You know, I have to say that it was a real treat to watch you play tonight.  I have been watching a lot of straight pool videos and at the beginning of our match, it was just like the videos!  You used the key balls perfectly and also used correct paths to get on your breakout shots.  It was a joy to witness."

He told me thank you and seemed surprised I would say that. 

Then he shared, "I was told my slow play bothers you so I tried to speed up my decision process."

Wait, what?

I was stunned.  I never meant for that to come out that way.

I told him the info was not at all accurate.  "Actually, I don't mind that you play slow.  And don't change your game for anyone!  I know you are deliberate and that's okay with me.  I have no problem with how you play and actually very much enjoy our matches."

He further explained that while he may play slow, he has figured out he doesn't need to spend so much time on certain decisions when only one choice is available.

I then expressed to him how appalled I was that The Talker asked him to speed up.

And Turtle #1 said, "What?  He never told me anything like that."

And I was so confused!

Trying to squash a rumor is like trying to unring a bell. ~Shana Alexander

So, someone tells him his slow play bothers me (which is untrue) and then I hear that what The Talker told me was untrue, also.

Turtle #1 said The Talker never said any such thing.  "He did act upset at the beginning of our match and was mumbling about excuses, but not one time did he asked me to change my game or speed up.  If he said that, he's full of $hit." he said.

Rumors are an amazing thing!  And in one ten minute period, two were proven wrong.

I appreciate Turtle #1 sharing with me he heard I thought he played too slow.  Because then I was able to share with him that instead, I really appreciate our matches.  I wouldn't have been able to compliment him on his game otherwise.

So, thank you to whoever told him that wrong info. lol.

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spanky said...

It's amazing what you find out when you take the time to sit and talk to someone. If I took the word of others about other people I would have no friends. lol

I used to love it when i worked in the casino industry and other dealers would complain about how cheap or rude a person was. Then I would go to the table and just say hello and start a conversation with this so called rude and cheap person. After I would go on break and people would ask me how bad it was and I would show them my full tip jar. They would all look at me and ask "how did you do that". I would look at them and ask "did you try saying hello". most would say no. What a concept. Ok enough of my stories this is your blog, nice write up.