Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pissed Off and Spoke Up

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am short on time to play my final 7 straight pool matches by the end of Oct because of all my travels this month.  It literally have 5 days at the end of the month to play 7 straight pool matches.

So when I got back early from a weekend jaunt this past weekend, I decided to try to fit in 2-3 straight pool matches on Sunday.  Although I was EXTREMELY exhausted, I HAD to try and fit in a few matches or else I would be way to stressed out come the end of Oct.

Risk versus Reward.

Tired and not playing matches Versus risk losing matches because I'm tired.  Ugh.

The first match Sunday afternoon I started off badly.  So badly, I almost quit the season right there.

Yep, seriously.

I was upset at non-pool things, and extremely tired.  I was losing and playing bad, and I was already worried about if I could fit the rest of my matches in this season.

If I was to lose this match, then why play the second match that day? (which was a tougher match.) Further, I wasn't even sure if I could play all 5 of my other matches anyway.  That would mean really horrible stats for me this season.  :(

But, I finally got some kind of fire in me and after being down16-28 in almost 25 innings, I ran 7 then 13 then 12, etc, and secured my win 100-56.

I'm glad I pulled through the funk at the start of the match!

My next match Sunday afternoon was against The Talker.  Match #2. 

As you may recall, I wrote about him before.  He asked a slow player to take more risks to speed up their match.  The Talker was agitated over the slow player's slow play. 

I was already apprehensive about playing The Talker.  He's tough to fade.  Yep.  Because he talks too much.

Even before we played he said, "We are tied in wins so this will be the tie breaker."


Why say that to me?

Why say anything at all like that?

As we start to play, I'm playing good!  I am up 22 to 5.


Yay me!

Then instead of a safe, I go for a bank.  Normally I would play safe, but I already know he hates slow games and he already made a comment about how slow our match started off.

I missed the bank and that gave him a shot and then he ran 13.

Boy was I mad at myself!!

After all these years I haven't learned to play my game?  I let his comments get to me?  Was it because I was ahead I took that risk?  If it was close, I don't care what his words would have been.

So I was really upset at myself.

This gives him new blood.  I even overhear him tell his wife, "and I was about to give up."


He gets close in score and shares with me, "Ooooh, almost even."

I made another mistake and he again capitalized.  He gets ahead of me 31 to 36 and says, "Oh, now I'm ahead."

Why say that?


Do I point out when I'm kicking his a$$? 


Why does he think his comments are okay?

He talks every single shot.  To himself.  To anyone that can hear him.  He will tell himself, "What was I thinking?" 

Or, he will sit in his chair and talk to his wife.  Too bad he doesn't talk softly.  His voice carries.  Loudly.

Or he will make a comment after I miss.

I missed a shot because I'm rattled and he tells me as he walks to the table, "Wow, you really do like me."


WTF was that?

I finally can't stand it anymore and snap back to him, "Just stop talking.  Seriously.  You don't have to say anything at all."

His response:  laughter.  He laughs all the time.  And he just has a great time playing pool.  Talking, laughing, talking, laughing.

At this point I'm down about 42 to 58.

I'm still upset with myself, still getting more perturbed at him.  Upset in general.

Then he misses a great break out and shouts at the balls as he looks at the table, "Get bad! Don't leave her a shot!"

I go to the table, stunned.  I am SO livid.  I have no shot (of course).  Even tho he just broke out all the balls, I have no shot.

He's giggling in his chair and saying something out loud to the sweaters and I mumble, "Well, you got your wish."

I was so mad, I bet I was spitting.

He says, "what?"  All happily and smiling toward me.

I reply, "I asked you to be quiet and yet you still continue to talk."

He apologizes and by now I am just stunned.

Not only am I losing to a guy who I am allowing to shark me, I am now upset because I've confronted him.

Sure, it wasn't a fist fight or yelling, but this non-confrontational girl is now upset because I had to tell someone to basically shut up (again!). 

Why say anything at all when playing in a match?  Why tell me why you missed or that my miss was unexpected?

Why "thank" me for missing.  I'm already down in the match.  Is that necessary?  Is it necessary to say anything?  Anything at all?

Sure.  I let his words bother me.

I fully admit it.

But I find it pretty freaking ironic The Talker asked the slow player to change his game because it was annoying to him, yet he talks and talks and talks and his etiquette is out the window.  He has no respect.  Zero.

Sure, he's just an extrovert and he handles misses with laughter and thinks pool is just "fun."

But etiquette goes a long way.

And I want to focus on pool - NOT his inappropriate words.

Yes, he definitely rattled my cage.

Normally things that are my fault I will just fess up,  But I am FED up with his excessive talking while either he's at the table or I am.  It's uncalled for.

And yes, I'm still pissed!

I wonder if he is aware he is sharking people?  I wonder if he knows he gets under their skin?

I really, really wonder....

BTW, I tried as hard as I could to come back in the match and beat him!  I could tell he felt bad after I asked him AGAIN to stop talking.  He knew I was upset and he missed more.  He won only 100-83 and he's LUCKY toward the end of the match that I missed 3 balls, had 2 scratches and 2 miscues or else I would have won.  Dammit.

I want to state one more thing:  these learning experiences are extremely frustrating!!!  :-( :-(


Mark Greenhaw said...

I'll start by saying I'm sorry you were frustrated and that it affected your game. I hope you will receive these words in the spirit in which they are given. :-)

People react in many different ways to stress. Some become quiet, some become toe tappers, some excessively chalk or handle their cue and some talk to themselves and others as an outlet for their nervous energy.

I react in different ways to stress and sometimes I talk. Were you to ask me to stop talking during a match, I would do my best to comply but as the match went on there is the possibility my nervous energy would catch up with me and I would forget. Once I realized I had upset you, that would in turn affect my game as that would not have been my intention.

I am not sure if this man was sharking you or just talks as an outlet for his nervous energy but I do know that you gave him the information on HOW to shark you should you ever meet again. I am not saying he would use it to intentionally throw you off your game in the future but there are people who will.

Concentrate on YOUR game and don't let your opponent dictate how you play. Keep your own pace. If that bothers him, that is not YOUR issue but HIS. I know you already know this but sometimes it helps if it is verified gently by someone else (which is the reason for my caveat in the first paragraph). :-)

You'll get him next time!

Melinda said...

I appreciate your comments, Mark. I really do. I honestly don't know if I can overcome his natural extrovert ways, tho. I'll see next season when I wear my ipod when I have to play him. :)