Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chalk Incident

I am enjoying going to league on Mondays and sometimes Tuesdays with my boyfriend as all I do is be the cheerleader along with being the score keeper. 

While I'm already a very observant person, I get to watch and notice even more than usual because I focus entirely on the matches, instead of also playing pool.

On Tuesday night, we went to a new bar.  Two little bar tables were in one area and that's where the two teams fought it out.

My boyfriend is playing his 4th match of the night and safety after safety occurs.  His opponent was able to kick in a ball and started to run out his last three balls. 

And then he did something very weird.  Almost disturbing, lol.

He was about to shoot the two ball into the side pocket and before he shot, he walked around the table slowly, and deliberately walked to where a piece of chalk was sitting on the table.  He picked up the chalk and I thought he was going to move it out of his line of sight (which I have seen a million times from other players). 

INSTEAD, he picked up the chalk and turned it UPSIDE DOWN on the table.



Now, you might be thinking to yourself maybe he is doing this b/c upside down chalk might annoy his opponent (which I ironically mentioned in another post that some people do deliberately as sharking techniques to distract their opponents). 

But this guy had a connect-the-dots out.  Three stop shots and he's out.  My b/f was not going to be back at the table, so this "action" to turn the chalk upside down was done deliberately - for himself.

For some odd reason, he would rather ensure the chalk was upside down before he shot! 

I then looked at the other two pieces of chalk on the table and sure enough they were both also upside down.

Wow.  Lol.

Image courtesy Samm (Diep) Vidal

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