Thursday, October 13, 2011

ACS State

Heading down to the center of the state of Texas tonight.  ACS State is this weekend and singles starts tomorrow morning. 

Being that ACS (American CueSports) was divided from the BCAPL some years ago and is a much, much smaller entity, I figured the # of entrants would be smaller than the BCA State tourney. 

Boy, was I wrong!  They have like 42 players already signed up!

I think at the BCA State there were like 25 players.  They had a separate division, tho, but even if combining those two women's divisions, I'm not sure that would be 42 payers.  Well, just maybe. 

Either way, what I thought would be a short day and simple tourney with not many players has turned out to be a tough event!

What was I thinking it would be an "easy" tourney to play in??  I need to prepare myself on the way down there tonight for the competition!

Dang title tourney jitters...

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