Saturday, October 1, 2011

League Yikes

As many of you know, my Mom passed away in mid August.  I therefore haven't felt like playing in my straight pool league so I haven't played any matches in a month and a half.  I figured I wasn't mentally prepared to compete.  So, why play before I was ready?

I emailed the league director to see how much time we have left this season, because I couldn't remember if it was the end of Oct or into Nov.  I explained my Mom had passed and I had a lot of trips coming up in October.  He replied, "Hi  Melinda, League is over the end of October. Good luck."


That's it.

I was pretty taken aback.

No help, no sympathy, no extension, no nothing.

So as I looked at my calendar, with all the trips in October, I only have the last full week of October to play 7 matches.

OMG... Really??

To top it off,Tue, Wed and Thu evenings are taken up with other leagues, so I would only have 5 days to play 7 matches.

Luckily, I played a match two Fridays ago (won 100-74), but how in the world would I get 7 matches in in 5 days?  And at the same time be effective and not too tired to play so many in a short time period?

Let's face it, straight pool matches can last 2-3 hours.  That's a lot of focus in 5 days!

I am more miffed tho that he didn't give a reprieve of some sort.  He gave me his sympathies in person a few weeks back, but via email about the league he offered no help or even an offer to see if we could work something out.  I don't need any excuses for not playing, but the reason is justified.

Oh well, I'll just see what I can do.  I admit I almost felt like quitting.  I wont be able to finish the season off well or maybe get all my matches in any way.  But... I will still try.  Even without help.  :(

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