Thursday, January 6, 2011

Suggestive Team Name

Another "this might offend" Post.  Sorry in advance.

Back in Oct my team went to AZB Forums in search of the perfect team name! We received over 600 sexually-related suggestions!!!

My all-female Vegas team is looking for a good team name. One that is fun, related to pool, sexual, and that the BCAPL will use.  Tough, huh?!

We are looking specifically for a team name that when written in my blog or FB or on AZB, it makes you wonder if we are talking about pool or not! lmao.

For instance, a friend of mine has a team name called "Just the tip." It's hysterical when she uses it in a sentence!

We want the same sorta-thing.

For the team name that is chosen, as a prize for our thanks, we would like the winner to choose the color of the cause ribbon we will put on our shirts. (lavender - general cancer, yellow - support our troops, pink - breast cancer, etc).

The team members have finally narrowed the list down to our favorite Top Ten and now we need help to narrow that down to the top favorite!  Want to help us out?  Click here to check out the poll!

One choice per customer, please. :)

Here are the narrowed down top ten that peeps are voting on:

Magic Racks
Cunning Stunts
Come From Behind
Batteries Not Included
We Don't Feel Cocky
Come With a Shot
No Holes Barred
How's My Rack?
We Suck
Money Shot

Sorry in advance if I offend anyone with this... but I will let you know in a couple of weeks which name is voted tops for us!

- voting ends in two weeks -

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Anonymous said...

what about Balls Deep