Friday, January 7, 2011

Moving Parts - in Pictures!

I've come a long way, Baby!

Look at me now.  Dang I'm proud of myself!

Check out this animation from 3-4 years ago.  Look at that head movement!

And me from a couple of years ago:  I actually like this one better - I'm not trying to draw the ball (which causes me to lift up more).  Instead, this is just a normal little shot and yet I have all this head movement!  Ugh.

And here I am today.  This is from Sept 2010.  I love how I am keeping my body and head still so much better now.  I not only LOVE the way it feels to be more solid, but I also love that it obviously helps my game.  :)

I have worked on this for many years it seems.  It's finally "there."  How did I do it?  Well, focusing on the object ball last before I pull the trigger, along with ensuring I have a smooth stroke has been the key for me.  Actually sensing how amazing my body feels when I am completely still has instilled in my brain that's what I want to strive for, too.

Yes, I still sometimes lift up, but it's definitely not as bad as it used to be.  I used to think practicing on the table to condition my pre shot routine would be my key.  It did help my pre shot routine, but it didn't help my head movement.  Instead, it was really kinda a fluke that I finally found a solution for me.  I've tried counting to ten, I've tried conditioning with practice, I've tried keeping my hand on the table til the object ball drops, I've tried focusing my thoughts solely on not moving my head, I've tried all sorts of "tricks" to keep me from jumping up too soon. 

The first thing is to find out is if you do this.  Once you see a problem (issue), then you can work on the solution, right?  Then try a lot of different things to see what works for you.

I am no expert - I have been working on this for YEARS!

A smooth stroke, follow through, and looking at the object last has been the secret key for me.  Once my eyes lock in on the object ball, I don't want to lift up as much.  Also, TRUST that you already know where the cue ball is going, that way you don't feel the need to follow it with your eyes, which causes one to lift up.

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Anonymous said...

I was practicing one day for hours on end trying to relearn the fundamentals since I was told many many many times that it's the fundamentals you always end up turning to when problems arise in your game.... After playing for up to 20 years with no real instruction and poor fundamentals I still ended up a decent shot. But when I was watching people around me who learned proper fundamentals from others who taught them... I begin to ask "How long have you been playing?" and it's shocking to say the least... Just how much your own game can suffer because of poor fundamentals.... But luckily a drunk fella got pissed off watching me practice a shot where I kept adjusting my cue while down which in turn taught me nothing but to miss and wonder why. Well he came over and said "line your shot up, make a decision, step in and get down on the shot, and if you catch yourself adjusting get right back up and start all over again no matter how many times until one works and you decide to shoot, if you miss oh well make a mental adjustment and start all over again" then he left. That drunken wisdom has been the best advice on improving my game other than one more lesson given to me by another frustrated onlooker watching me practice. He said "look at the object ball last, that's the best advice I can give you" So when your out practicing, accept the wisdom of others that you know, that they know what their talking about. I guess this comment was more of a rant that I hope helps others who read your kik azz blog.

Oh and about the comment I left about Rusty's lol it was indeed the one in Arlington not Ft Worth. So I suppose Rusty's in Ft Worth will definitely need to be another stoop along the OMG I havnt shot there before impulsive drive tour, hopefully I'll be smart enough to make sure I check out all the other halls nearby when in the area so I cover future OMG impulsive trips :)

Anyways just wanted to say once again, great blog.