Thursday, January 27, 2011

Second Straight Pool Match

My second straight pool match of the season was held on a Friday. That meant my normal Friday night jaunt of hanging with friends would occur during the match.  That was okay by me - I don't mind the support, but I do tend to have a few drinks on a Friday night.

I played a new player to the league and he was a decent shot maker but hadn't played straight pool in a long time.  So, I already knew I had an advantage.  We had to delay our match, tho, an hour because he was at a funeral (boy did I feel bad, but he didn't want to postpone).

I started off strong, as he complained all along the way (I assume because he was embarrassed?) "the score is lopsided" and "wow, you are beating me bad" and "I keep missing easy shots."

I felt super confident by the way I was playing, walking tall with confidence, feeling amazing about my play.


At this point, I have had a few too many Jager Bombs, while he is drinking some beers.

Then he starts to get comfortable and is having more fun because he's had a few drinks (he would tell me later) and he goes on a run of 12, then 4, then 5 while I can only pick off a ball at a time and then try to play safe. 


WTH?  I'm only up by 10 all of a sudden?  Eeek!  What happened to my 30 and 20 ball cushion?

I try hard to really, really focus and keep it together but he has a 12 and 7 ball run to go ahead.


I then get ahead by one, but there is no relaxing now - it's a race to "only" 100 which means only about one rack is left (two at the most).


Then he goes on a run of 7 and then 6 to defeat me.


To say I was pissed is an understatement.  He got comfy, I got tipsy.  Bad combos for any opponents. 

I shook his hand and told him nice match.  I refused to show him I was upset about the loss.  No reason to ruin his very first win on the league.

I was upset at myself for risking my stats.  I got SO comfortable being up by 30 points, I became careless with my shots (both type of shots: in pool and Jager); and I lost focus; and I also underestimated my opponent's skill (which everyone knows we are to play each game with our full potential and not let up on any opponent no matter their skill level).

I whined a little to a few friends right after the match because I was so upset with myself, but eventually I of course used the whole night as a learning experience.  No reason to dwell or give stupid excuses why I lost.  I have reasons I lost that I can learn from.  This night was a good reminder of things I have been slacking on, probably because I haven't been in routine competition.

BTW, to be at that point in my pool life to no longer verbally complain using impractical excuses has been a true blessing for me.  I really love it that I am mature enough in my game to see why I really lost a match, not just venting and spouting off stupid, untrue, immature, emotional excuses like I used to do.

Learning Experiences.  Love this about life!

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alexRmojo said...

I've done the same thing when my wife comes with me to league. Damn jager bombs get me every time.