Monday, January 10, 2011

Scotch Doubles Tourney Recap Dec 2010

I took a photo of the brackets for this blog entry, but my camera was stolen (or "removed friendly") the same night we went to celebrate my friend's graduation at a Piano Bar after the tourney.  Instead of waiting any longer for the camera to reappear, I finally decided to write about my little tourney sans photo (boo-hiss).

I asked my friend Brain to play with me in this 8ball tournament and he obliged, luckily. 

There were about 29 teams I believe, or was it 21 teams? [I just love my memory when it comes to remembering #s (sarcasm)]  Race to 3 for most (like us), although a few teams with master players raced to 5.

Brian and I did not show up in time to hit balls on the tables.  I knew how they played already, but he had never been to this pool room before, and he likes to warm up no matter where he plays.  We didn't get a bye but proceed to win 3-0 our first match.  Woo-Hoo!  Dang we played good.  We played good together, and individually!  Brian was playing awesome.  I was very impressed and a little in awe, I admit.

Our second match we should have dominated, but as sometimes things happen, we didn't win.  We lost maybe 0-3, too.  While I LOVE 8ball and think I know it well, there were many times in this match Brian suggested alternatives that would have been better.  Those discussions probably got in our way from playing p-o-o-l.

We were bummed we were on the one-loss side, but with Amanda cheering us on, we proceeded to win several matches in a row.  Every other match was a flip-flop -->  We would play well, then not play well, then play well, then not play well, etc. But, we won all those matches.  We had some tough opponents - one team broke and ran the very first rack in the race to 3, but we proceeded to win the next three games (guess we weren't scared, huh?).

Here is Amanda and I at the tourney:

Then we had to play a master team and they had us down 4-0.  I was upset because I was trying too hard, but we were allowed back to the table after a minor squabble between the other team and we were on the hill with them (2-4) (we played to 3, they played to 5).  They ran out to the 8ball really well hill-hill, but the male of the team shot the shot too fast and missed it.  To top it off, the 8ball fell in a dif pocket which led to us capturing the win, miraculously.  

Then we revenged our second round loss by defeating the team that put us in the one-loss side.

Then Brian and I found ourselves in the Finals!  We lost only hill-hill the first set and with our $30 entry, we won $220!  It was a great day of pool playing and hanging with friends!  (well, sans my camera being stolen later that night, lol).

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