Sunday, January 23, 2011

Derby, Reno, SBE...

I get asked a lot (especially this time of year) if I am going to Derby.  With Derby starting this weekend, the last few weeks have been full of

"are you going to Derby?"
"will I finally get to meet you at Derby?"
"you are going to Derby this year, right?"

Reno - the U.S. Bar Table Championships that happens at the end of February is also on people's minds.

"You going to Reno this year?"
"Do you have your plane ticket yet?"
"Are you playing in all the three divisions of the Bar Table Tourney?"

Then SBE is in March.

"There's a group of us going to SBE, you going this year?"
"You are finally going to SBE this year, right?"
"Will I get to meet you at SBE?"

Derby is a well-known week-long tourney full of action, action, action, oh and a tournament with three main divisions - banks, one pocket and nine ball.  I hear it's THE tournament to go to.  But I have never been.

I went to Reno last Feb for the U.S. Bar Table Championships and it was a good and fun tournament.  This year they have added a ten ball division for the women, to accompany the 8ball and 9ball divisions. 

SBE - Super Billiards Expo - is held in the PA area and I hear it's a great event, also.  Lots of action, lots of different tournament events - it's a lot of fun and another event where amateurs can mingle alongside pros (like Derby and Reno).  I have never been to this tourney, tho.

I am not going to Derby, Reno or SBE this year.  Someone asked me, "Are you taking a pool hiatus or something?"

No.  I haven't planned on going to Derby or SBE before, so that isn't anything new for me.  I am bummed I wont be going to Reno this year, but with my Mom just now out of the hospital (she has been in since Oct 5), I cannot plan right now to go to a week-long tourney like Reno.

Maybe one of these days I will try my luck at the SBE tourney, and visit the action rooms at Derby, and try my hand again in Reno. I am planning my routine jaunt to Vegas in May for BCAPL, but for the next few months I am sticking close to home when it comes to week-long pool tourneys.

To all at Derby right now, going to Reno and/or SBE - Good Luck!  Have fun!  Stay safe!  And keep us all posted on the action, stories, and tourney finishes!

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Vegas as well. Hope to meet you there.