Monday, January 3, 2011

High Stakes Pool - Reality TV Show

My friends Andrew Clearly and Jay Helfert shot a pilot for a Reality TV show earlier this year in Los Angeles called High Stakes Pool.

What is High Stakes Pool? It's a Ten Ball ring game for real money! In this episode (remember it's just a pilot), Morro Paez, Rafael Martinez, and John Schmidt hook up to play a little $100-a-man Ten Ball.

These 3 playa's played all day to find an eventual winner, and the money was paid off after every game. If they ever sell this show, the stakes will be raised to $500-a-man with a 10K backer. 

Scott Frost and Ron Wiseman were suppose to be in this pilot, also, but were not able to attend.  But even without them, Rafael, Moro and John are already talkers and characters!  To see these guys in action, talking crap, the use of body English, probably making jokes - should make for a great pilot! 

Andrew recently changed the name from High Stakes Pool to "The Pool Hustlers." 

The pilot is an hour and 45 minutes of 5 hours of action.  Andrew did an amazing job with the editing and camera work.  If you want to order a copy of the DVD, email Jay at

In the meantime, check out the teaser!!

high stakes pool from andrew cleary on Vimeo.
the pilot sizzle reel for high stakes pool/the pool hustler. Produced by Jay Helfert and Andrew Cleary.
Directed and edited by Andrew Cleary.

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