Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Straight Pool Score Sheets

Thought I'd share what our Straight Pool League score sheets look like.

Here is a small section of our score sheet, not yet written on:

You can download an entire blank score sheet here. The score sheets for my league are printed front and back in case we need more than 50 innings.

Here is a completed score sheet of a match I had in April (click on the image for a larger version): You can see we have a column per player and we can play 25 innings on the left and can play up to 25 more on the right side. We write down the ball count per inning and then the total ball count right next to that, on each row. Fouls and racks are also noted. I think it's really cool - it's a very nice review of the match!

Here is a snippet of this particular score sheet. Oh, hey, it happens to be the match I tied my Hi Run. :)

After the match, we grab a league envelope, which has a little form on it. We mark down the final score (like 100-89), what inning we finished in, and what each of our high runs were in the match. Then we put in our $5 each into the envelope and hand it to the person behind the bar who then gives the envelopes to the League Director at a later time.

Because we write the stats ON the envelope, the League Director doesn't need the score sheets so I try to take all my match score sheets. :)

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