Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I fully admit I don't understand illegal drugs. I do drink alcohol, but I have never been one to do drugs. This post is probably going to be controversial, but I am going to open up a little more again via ala blog.

A friend of mine won a monthly tournament a couple of years ago. He was very proud because that was one of his goals - to win this particular monthly tournament that year. However, did HE really win the tournament? Yes, he has talent. Yes, he can play a great game of pool, but he was high the entire tournament! He bragged to me how high he was off of pot, how focused it made him, and how he enjoyed being that way all day, too. But I was disappointed for him. I felt in my heart he didn't really win the tournament based on his skill. Would he had won it if he hadn't smoked pot all day?

If I didn't know he was high on pot, it wouldn't have bothered me at all. If I am oblivious, I guess that's pretty obvious it wont bother me, lol. But most people keep it to themselves if they do drugs. I didn't like it that he rubbed it in my face. People that smoke pot do not consider it damaging and they feel it's not really a bad drug. I guess if I smoked it, I would feel the same way?

I hear that some drugs allow people to not only focus better, but helps them play well under pressure. Wow! Pressure/adrenaline is such an awesome feeling, why would anyone want to take chemicals to ignore that all the time?

I fully admit I used to think Claritan D helped me focus during tournaments. I would take it for allergies but then found myself playing awesome pool! This was back when I could barely play pool well at all - I swear something in it made me play in the zone (don't laugh at me, lol). BTW, I took Claritan D a few months ago but hadn't needed it for allergies in many, many years and I think ironically it hurt my nerves during the tourney, lol.

A pro recently posted on Facebook:

"I seriously hope one day, all poolplayers are drug tested before and after tournaments. Let's see whose tough $hit then. Yes, I'm talking $hit. Take it as you wish."

The comments really resonated with me and pushed me to write this post b/c of my other friend.

Now, I may be a hypocrite though. I admit that I heard alcohol can sometimes calm the nerves and I have tried it twice recently (and lost both matches, ironically, lol) but maybe it's because I personally have a problem with illegal drugs? I do not know, to be honest. But in actuality, maybe we are all trying some type of drug to help us? Caffeine, alcohol, over-the counter meds, illegal drugs?

But if my friend brags again about winning a tournament and that he was high the whole time, I want say something to him. Let's see if I really have the balls, though, lol.


Johnny said...

That's one of the biggest arguments for smoking in the pool rooms too. As a smoker, I can definitely attest to the added level of frustration to not being able to smoke when playing poorly. That said, as long as I can go take a break a smoke (don't care where - doesn't matter to me personally), I will generally be okay.

I can see how pot-smokers would do well at pool though. I play a lot of online games and the percentage of players that are high is staggering. All of them claim it helps their game. It mellows you out, so you don't get nervous or anxious.

Essentially, they're taking beta-blockers to keep emotion out of the equation.

Like you, I want to be excited when I make a great shot, or when I'm able to take advantage of a mistake. I don't want to be too excited, but I want to enjoy the moment with a clear mind.

Melinda said...

Good points. And I hadn't even considered cigarette smoking as one of the items that can calm people! Thank you for the comments - they are much appreciated.