Friday, June 18, 2010

Natural High

OMG. I so love one pocket! I mean, straight pool is a close second, but nothing fills my heart with awe like when I play one pocket. I get such a natural high off playing clever shots, smart safes, great runs, etc. Playing it in front of people gives me even more of a high.

After I graciously excited the second chance tournament on Sunday of the OB Cues Ladies Tour the weekend of June 12th, I sat around and watched some matches. Amanda was still playing in the second chance tourney, Royce Bunnell of OB Cues was playing one pocket, and Jack and Viet My were playing straight pool.

Eventually I was coerced by my friend Andy to play Royce some one pocket. I didn't really want to at first, as I needed to get home and the drive was about 50 minutes, but I am SO glad I stayed! OMG! About 7 games later, I was SO elated and had so much fun! Oh, how I love me some one pocket. :) Of course, Royce and I are good friends and so he makes it fun when either of us would dog an easy shot or bank, lol.

But, I just love the game so much. Is it showing with my words at all just how much I love the intrinsicalities of the game? So many options, choices, decisions. So many amazing shots can lead to a great safe or a wonderful bank. There are SO many things one must consider at once, on every single shot. Just typing this blog entry is causing my heart rate to go up because I'm so excited just thinking about it. :)

Seven games doesn't seem like much, but it was several hours of pure enjoyment, fun, awe, and happiness. Executing multi-faceted shots is pure joy; playing safe in the stack is wickedly fun; cinching a bank shot is exhilarating when you need only one ball left; .... I could go on and on. :)

And, now I've played one pocket twice already this month. Of course, I already want to play again!!

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