Friday, June 25, 2010

Portable Pool Tables

Everyone has one. A portable pool table to tell our friends about that awesome shot or that missed shot. Usually these moments occur the day of a tourney. The great big, amazing shot still on our mind, or that crazy miss that cost the match is fresh on our tongues. These emotions and highs/lows usually pass overnight but get within reach of someone who just came off a big win or loss and wants to share a shot, and out comes the portable pool table!

Here was mine in Reno from February: A perfect rectangular napkin for my show-and-tell time!

You have seen many portable pool tables in your lifetime, as have I. Many folks have even invented portable pool tables notepads that you can literally carry around and pull out when needed (the pool table is already drawn on the paper for us). However, most pool players just look around on the counters and tables for their "canvas."

Here are some examples of portable pool tables that have helped us diagram and describe THAT one important shot we must share:
  • checkbook
  • cell phone
  • napkins
  • coasters
  • cigarette box
  • piece of paper in your purse
  • showing the shot on an actual pool table
  • food menu
  • a receipt
  • your palm or theirs
  • a dollar bill (or more)
  • sugar packets

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