Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Spring Straight Pool Season End Stats

Well, the Spring Straight Pool Season came to a close at the end of April (2010). How did I fair in my awesome 100-ball division?

As a reminder, there are three stat categories that the league lists the top 5 in:
  • Wins versus Loses (W/L)
  • Balls Per Inning and (BPI)
  • Hi Run
I knew again that there was a chance I might make it in the top 5 of each category, but I wouldn't know for sure until the final stats came out.

Then finally... the email came... and I got in 2 outta 3 of the top five lists. While I am disappointed, I can't complain too much!
  • I was in 4th place again for Wins versus Loses (didn't go down from last season even though it was super close).
  • I didn't make it in the top 5 for Balls Per Inning. :(
  • But I was in 3rd place again for Hi Run (and my Hi Run was 28!!).
My W/L this season was down from 10/3 to 8/5 but still placed 4th. So, that's cool. Admittedly, there were some tougher new players this season and I also faltered on a few matches that hurt my overall W/L ratio.

The season was amazing, though! I earned a new Hi Run, tied it later in the season, and had many learning experiences through the up and down nature of the matches I had.

Because I am watching some great straight pool DVDs, I am MORE than anxious to play the Summer season which starts this month!!

I would love to be in first place some day soon and get that little trophy that I bet no one else cares about but me!

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Johnny said...

Speaking of straight pool dvds... tell me you picked up the 2006 14.1 championships from AZB for like $12. It's 6 discs - and well worth it. The first disc, i think it was, has some excellent commentary... the rest is mediocre, if there's any at all.