Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Don't Mess With Texas

"We've Got the Runs," Monica, Christy, Amanda, Tori and Corina

I had to leave my women's team from last year because of the new BCAPL rules - can't have 2 Team Masters and a Master on the team. Since I lived the furthest away, I thought it would be the honorable thing for me to step away and let them keep the team back in Dallas while I tried to find a team closer to home in Fort Worth.

The Dallas team stayed together throughout the league season, but come Vegas time for BCAPL, many things came up that almost prevented them from even having a team at all in Vegas. Family illness, money concerns, lost jobs, and moving almost hampered the team from having enough players to compete in the 2010 BCAPL 8Ball Nationals. At one point, only 3 of the 5 players could go, and yet it's a 4-person team! However, at the very last minute, all 5 players were able to make their way to Vegas to compete in the Women's Open Team event together.

The team, We've Got the Runs, consisted of Christy, Amanda, Monica, Tori and Corina. My new team, What The Heck, consisted of Ashley, Julie, Connie and myself. Our 5th could not go at the last minute (we missed you Nina!) and we had 4 players instead of 5.

"What The Heck," Connie, Julie, Me and Ashley, after our first match win, eating breakfast at Kady's.

Each of our teams won our first 4 matches in three days and then the inevitable happened - we met up! We are all professionals, though, and it was a great, well-played match. What The Heck was up 7-4 in a race to 9 and then we lose hill-hill. It was a great match, though!

What the Heck plays at 9am the next day and too many freaky things happen and we lose. However, we place 5th!! I am so happy how well we did out of 133 open women's teams!

Team Tourney Description: Yay!

We've Got the Runs then goes on to play for the hotseat against a really good team from Wisconsin and WGTR are ahead 7-3. I step away from the hotseat match, as they clearly have the set won, and then I get a text from Amanda almost an hour later that said they won hill-hill. Hill-hill? My goodness! You were up 7-3? lol. Amanda had a hell of an out to win it for the team I heard!

Then WGTR play the finals later on Saturday evening. While playing on Saturday means you are VERY far in the tourney, hardly anyone is left to watch, the concessions are closed, vendors close up shop, drinks are no longer served, the stands are empty - it's a dismal atmosphere compared to what is really happening on the tables - champions are titled!

I was taking a much-needed nap in the late afternoon, thinking the finals was at 7pm, but they started at 6pm! I quickly got ready and flew downstairs to support my chicas! They were up 5-3 when I arrived, playing the same good team from Wisconsin they played in the hotseat. I sat with fellow Dallas-area friends (Robert and Andy) while we watched only one loss and then Monica, Tori, and Christy win games! Up 8-4 in a race to 9. Yay!

We've Got the Runs proved it was no fluke they were to be in Vegas in the finals!

Amanda was running out at her turn at the table, and this win would win whole the tournament for them! However, the cueball stopped short behind the 10ball and she could not see enough of the 8ball to make it. Ugh! While this happened, a player of the team that placed 3rd was standing with the opposing team and says out loud "get in the game 10ball." Amanda eyed her and the girl simply said, "well, I better go" and walked away, thankfully. lol.

I grabbed my camera and set it to "video" but I only captured the end of the kick attempt at the 8ball. It almost went in! Her opponent played safe and I again tried to capture the winning 8ball shot on video, but Amanda didn't have a full shot at the ball. I turned off my camera as her opponent was running some balls. Then instead of playing safe, she missed a shot and left Amanda straight-in on the 8ball for the title! I grabbed my camera, turned it on and instead of the video option being on still, the PHOTO option was reset with the flash ON! So, I took a pic of her shooting the 8ball WITH a FLASH on shooting the winning ball! Yikes! The ref immediately comes over and tells me to turn off my flash. Eeek - SO embarrassed! OMG, how stupid can I be?!

Check out the opponents' look on her face (in blue), knowing she left that easy 8ball shot! Eeeek. And Amanda Lampert, shooting the winning shot!

Luckily Amanda ignored my idiot flash and made the winning shot! It turned out to not be a very outpouring of emotions to have been captured on video like I had imagined anyway, though - they simply shook hands with the other team and there was no hooping or hollering or rudeness to their win - simple class!

The new champs then posed for a pic for Andy and I took a pic too. Again my flash was on! I didn't think anything of it - it was OVER! But this time TWO refs came running up to me and again I was embarrassed. Ugh! I didn't realize other matches were going on in the other rows.

Group hug!

I then put my camera on VIDEO again and captured emotions! Hugs, some "Wha Wha" and lots of crying and hugging! First Place Team, Baby! 2010 Women's Team Open Champs! So proud of them!!

Congrat's ladies - I love you all and and am SO happy for you! Much deserved - CHAMPS!

Here is a pic of them after the first day of wins.

Official BCAPL Photo!!
! I am SO happy and proud of the Dallas team, We've Got the Runs!

Don't Mess with Texas!!

Me, toasting with Tori and Amanda


Cuebux.com said...

Congrats ladies on the good showing. How about #1 next year

Show Me the Moni said...

Melinda - thank you for post. It was some enjoyable reading and just as exciting as winning the event. Still on Cloud 9 and I don't think I'm every coming off.

Unknown said...

All the posts from the nationals were a great read, so much detail. I didn't get to sweat the singles and scotch doubles matches, so those posts were fun, plus...I got to re-live the teams play all over again! Good stuff!