Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tough Love

I wanted to start sharing a few stories of things that happened in the past. So, here goes one for ya that I thought was "interesting" that happened to me.

Back in prolly 1994 or so I was playing in a McDermott Tour stop in College Station, Texas. They had a women's event along side the men's event and I was this little new player that just loved pool and had just started to play in regional tournaments.

In one of my matches, I played this intimidating player. Well, maybe back then they were all intimidating, lol. During our match, an amazing thing happened that I will never forget. Ironically, this person is now a friend and a pro player, and I don't think she would ever do this today, but at the time I couldn't believe what she did. BTW, I have never mentioned this to her.

At one point in our match, I noticed the 6 and 7 balls were close to the rail, but they both were make-able in either corner pockets. I reached for a shot and hit the 6 ball somehow. I then told her I moved the 6 ball a little. I was innocent and honest and knew I was suppose to tell her even though it barely moved. She comes to the table because as we all know, it's her option to move it back or not. She comes to the table, and moves the 6 ball. No worries, right? WELL....she moves it close to the 7 ball. It takes a few extra seconds to ensure the 6 ball is FROZEN to the 7 ball and off angle. Now they both don't go!!

I stand there in disbelief, but I am way too inexperienced to know I should say something, or that I even could say something. Back then you have to realize that people played "dirty pool" more than they do nowadays. So, I figured that's what it was. I guess. I dunno.

After I lost the match, a friend of mine tells me that two female players saw the whole thing and they were laughing at me and the situation. You'd think these two players were young, but there probably in theirs 40s at the time.

Two important things arose from this very small incident in my journey of pool. One - I learned I needed to get a ref next time if that was to happen. Yea, I know that is obvious, but still - it was a learning experience for this little inexperienced-at-the-time chicka. Two - the little voice inside my head for many, many years to come had this image of people talking about me while I played pool. I wasn't mature enough or mentally strong enough to figure out how to overcome it or how to resolve it. I honestly admit that was no picnic for me to experience such mental negativity for so many years after that.

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Unknown said...

This may ease the pain: Jack Nicklaus lost the 1960 U.S. Open at age 20 because he failed to fix a ball mark which he was allowed to do. This led to a missed putt. He also failed to ask his playing partner because he was too intimidated by him (he was one of the all time greats).