Friday, March 12, 2010

Bosey Noisey

I bought myself a Christmas present this year - new headphones! I bought the Bose headphones. You know, the ones where the commercial tells you to call a phone number to find out the price, LOL. I didn't buy the over-the-ear Bose headphones, I bought the Consumer Reports recommended in-ear (earbud) headphones. I was surprised they only cost about $90, which is only $10-$15 or so more than the Sony noise-reducing headphones.

I tried them out one day finally after about two weeks after Christmas at the pool room while I practiced 10ball alone like I do (yeah, I know, my review is super late, sorry!). I wasn't sure how they would sound or how they would feel. They weren't really earbuds like my Ipod earbuds, so I was cautiously curious.I was about to put them on, but had to see which one said R and which one said L because I couldn't tell which one went into which ear. LOL. I put them on and they are right - they fit different, but they feel great! But, what I liked best is you don't have to turn the sound up, WAY up, like you have to with the regular earphones. I only put the volume up half way and it blocked out everything around me! It was awesome.

My only complaint is it does what it is suppose to, which means I now I can't hear anything else around me, lol. Before, I could have the volume up to the fullest and still hear the railbirds, now I can't hear them, lol. I wonder what stories they are telling that I can't hear, lol.

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