Saturday, December 10, 2016

Walking Around the Table

After I placed 2nd in the OB Cues Ladies Tour last weekend, I was standing near the tournament table and finally pulled out my phone.

I have learned not to look at my phone at all during tournaments.  I like to stay focused and don't want to be distracted.  You don't want to read anything that might upset you:  a work email, bad news from a relative, something stupid someone may have posted to social media that may bother you, etc.  You want no distractions (and this is something you can control - looking at your phone).

So as I pulled out my phone, I saw a notification.  I say out loud kinda laughing to one of the players standing there, "Hey, my phone says I reached my walking goal."  I was laughing because I didn't know what goal it set for me and also laughing because I think it's cool it figures these things out miraculously.

And the player (who I just met that weekend) tells me, "You /really/ do walk around a lot.  Like, A LOT."

I chuckled a little and then shared with her, "Well, in order for me to see where I need to be on the next 2 balls, I walk around a lot.  I don't like to presume anything about shape or guess where I need to be.  I am more successful when I walk around."

She replies, "Well, it definitely helps you.  Congrat's on 2nd!  And also congrat's for meeting your walking goal," she joked :)

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