Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2017 Goal Time

Ahhh, that time of year where people contemplate resolutions. 

If you have been reading this blog for a while you know already that I do not do resolutions and instead if I "set" anything at all, they are goal-orientated. 

I have written about this a lot.

Back in  2011 I wrote about specific goals I had for that year.

In 2014 I discussed realistic goals.  I liked this blog topic a lot because I share good examples of realistic goals and unrealistic goals.  Sometimes we can't see the forest through the trees, and this particular blog entry was quite helpful to others about why certain goals aren't helpful (or attainable).

Also in 2011 I wrote about how sometimes I set goals to improve my game.  That was a fun blog topic to write about, too.  (and my game DID improve, btw)

If you have more time, see where I was in my pool journey with the goals I set for 2010.

Or maybe this blog topic where I wrote down my goals for a specific tournament.  You will see each of the goals were things I could control, not based on luck or the draw or how high to finish in the tourney.

Back in 2008 I wrote about goals for that year as well.  It was my first chat about goals in my blog.  It's a treat still to this day!

The key that I preach ALL the time is to set attainable goals.  Make them realistic.  Further, if you set goals, make them within your control!  

Good luck!

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