Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Breaking Memories

I wrote just back in November that a friend shared with me that his ego overcame his rationale thinking when he broke hill-hill, and it cost him the match.

Instead of using a solid, firm, controlled break, he instead broke too hard because he wanted to be the "hero."  Even though he is very much aware how crucial the break is, his adrenaline took over unfortunately.

I had four (4) hill-hill matches during the OB Cues Ladies Tour Season Finale earlier this month.  I won the flip and had the luck to be able to break hill-hill 3 out of 4 of those matches.

And each of those 3 matches, at hill-hill, I reminded myself of my friend.  I remembered that a controlled break is better than me slamming the balls, even though my adrenaline was racing and I felt pressure, I, too, wanted to be the "hero."  Slamming the balls can result in a miscue, cueball off the table, non-controlled break, etc.

While his experience was painful, I tried to remember it for my benefit lol.  But, I know of course that HE will also remember his hill-hill bad experience as well in the years to come when he finds himself in similar situations.  And, I also know that anyone who may be reading this blog will also benefit from his pain.

So, while it cost him that crucial match, his pain (okay, okay, his "learning experience") is paying it forward to many others.

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