Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Submitted Q: Playing Over a Shot

Someone sent me a question the other day and wanted to try and answer it today for him:

"When you are playing and over a shot, what is going thru your mind? Is it all the little things we've been taught (follow thru, stroke strength, where to hit, English, etc); or, do you try to clear your mind and leave those other thoughts for part of your next pre-shot routine?"

What I was taught with this shot, shooting over a ball, is to keep my body completely still and focus solely on a smooth, calm, steady stroke looking at the object ball.

When I first tried this new-to-me approach over 10 years ago, I was surprised when I made the shots more and more in competition!  I got excited I was finally able to make them more consistently, instead of missing them all the time hahaha.

Let's face it, shooting over a ball is nerve-racking - a lot of things to think about and worry about.  But, keep your body still and focus all your attention on a smooth, calm, steady stroke.

Just like in basketball, focus on the follow through and the shot, not your opponent trying to block you (which in pool would be the ball you are shooting over).

And of course, because being so still while shooting over the ball felt "beautiful" (yes, I said beautiful), I incorporated that 'stillness' in every shot.  It has made a HUGE difference.  Imagine that - not moving while shooting helps.  ;)

Thank you for the great question!

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