Friday, September 23, 2016

Asking to Brag

I have been a COOP (Continuity of OPerations) class all this week for work.  It's a fantastically-run class about how to prepare for the "What If" scenario. 

You know, if your office building is no longer standing due to a natural disaster or human intervention, what would you all do in that situation?  How would the essential functions of your business continue?

We need to prepare for these "What If" scenarios.  This can include doing training, exercises, preparing plans, what are your notification procedures?, etc.  Finally, do you have an alternate building your staff could work out of until you get to return?  If so - those type of situations should be planned out BEFORE an event.

It was a great class and it made me think of things I hadn't thought of before and gave us a lot of resources to get a plan in place.  Loved it.

Anyway, back on the topic of pool...

The week was separated into two classes.  In the first morning of introductions, we were to stand up and say our name, where we worked, title, and then something we were passionate about. 

I don't normally share what I'm passionate about.  I kinda keep quiet it.

Yet here I was EXCITED!  I was being ASKED to share.  :)

I shared with the folks in the class that my passion is pool and I'm kinda a top player in the area and I also run one of the largest billiards tour in the state of Texas right here in DFW (Dallas - Fort Worth area).

No one seemed to care, honestly, lol.

In the second class of the week, sure enough the morning of we do introductions again b/c it's not all the same people.  THIS time we had to share not our passion, but something we are kinda famous for. 

Hmm... I don't normally talk about myself.  Even in the pool room, usually a friend will mention first I've got a certain title - I don't like to talk about myself too much, especially to strangers.

While most people said they went to school with a famous person, I stood up proudly and said, "on my work side, I implemented the Southern and Eastern United States Tsunami Warning Program and on my personal side, I am a National 9-Ball Champion and a 3-time Texas State 8-Ball Champion."

People said, "ooooooh" and the instructor joked no one should play me in pool, and I quipped as I sat down, "yea, keep your money in your pockets please."  As we all laughed.

It was actually a nice way to brag a little.  Like I said, I don't normally talk about myself (prolly why my resumes aren't very stout, lol).  But in this case, I kinda had to brag and a small piece of me was proud to do it.  :)

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