Monday, April 6, 2015

Mutual Admiration

I had league last Thursday with my ladies team. 

As I said goodbye for the night, one of my teammates hugged me tighter than normal.

She finally released the hug, but held my hands and shared, "You know, next week we will be at BCA Texas State.  And that is exactly one year from the first time I saw you play pool."

I felt a little nervous, where was she going with this?

She exclaimed, "I have goosebumps!"  Then shared, "I was so in awe of how well you played and am honored we are friends and teammates now."

"Oh stop it," I said.

"No, listen, I mean it," as she held my hands tighter and looked me right in the eye.  "I love watching you play and I get so excited every Thursday night because I know I'll get to watch "Melinda play pool.""  She looked down at her arm, "I have goosebumps again!"

I got embarrassed, but also flattered a little, but still tried to leave.

She pulled me in for another hug and said, "I can't wait to play with you at State next week."

I remember her watching me play last year in the finals of scotch doubles at BCAPL Texas State, because they introduced me to her b/c we were about to be new teammates.  Although my partner and I won the entire event, I also remember missing an 8ball and another ball, so even though she talks about the match like she witnessed greatness, I saw it as, "wish you could have seen me play better,"  lol.

But it goes to show how impactful we can be sometimes to people.  And how we are being watched a lot of times.  I like to always be a representative of the sport and act like I'm okay, even if I'm steaming inside.  I have been complimented when I shake hands with a smile after I lose.  Well, it's who I am today.  And when I show negative emotions, I get upset with myself for showing that side (even if it's human to do so sometimes).

I drove home that night feeling really good.  A compliment goes a long way.  I had told her she had been playing really, really well, but she kept diverting my words from her to me.  Felt weird, but as I look back, I really do appreciate it.  And I really do admire how much she loves the game and has improved!

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