Friday, April 17, 2015

How I Wait to Shoot

I never thought about having a logo before.

But someone saw how I was waiting patiently in my chair, waiting to shoot when it was my turn.

I always lean my cue on me.  I learned to always be ready to shoot and one way to accomplish this is to NOT put your cue down in between shots (I wrote about this before).  Always look like you are ready to shoot; always be prepared.   I was taught that when you put your cue up, it can be a symbol of defeat.

While I was taught to hold my cue, I lean it on me so my hands stay clean and my cue doesn't get sticky or dirty by holding it a long time.

It actually bothers me when I see a friend out their cue on their cue clip, instead if taking it with them to their chair.   As I said, it kinda looks like a defeated action (even tho I know they aren't thinking that way).

But, imagine the players who keep holding their cue and what that reflects as:  confidence.

Anyway, so this is what they saw, and said I should make it my logo, lol:

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