Thursday, April 23, 2015

Team Leadership

One of the local ladies team that plays in our women's league is more than "just a team."

Sure, most teams might have little rituals before they start a match or they might have-five or something.  But most women's teams I have been on, that's the MOST they do.

I actually REALLY like how this one certain team does things, and their leadership should be shared and captured for others to emulate.

First off, they have a closed group on Facebook that they can post for each other before league nights or tournaments.  They provide quotes, give pep talks, positive encouragement, etc on this page that is ONLY for their team. 

Second, they also have a quote on their shirt, which I LOVE!  I absolutely love this idea:

It says, "Individual commitment to a group effort."

Most projects or teams in businesses have a mission or vision or leadership quote they stand by, and it's so impressive to me that a team would do this - and it is so smart!

Here is their shirt:

Thirdly, they get together and practice!  Yes, they hit balls together and improve their games.  They don't just do it individually, they meet up and play together and learn from each other.  I can only imagine that also brings the whole team together. 

I can see how their team dynamic is great and they also have a lot of fun and enjoy the game, all the while they are competing at their best - as a team - because of all these leadership building blocks they have implemented.

Pretty impressive!

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