Monday, April 13, 2015

Interesting Safe

While playing in the women's team event this weekend, I was playing against a certain player and she was about to play safe, or so it seemed.

When you play safe you're supposed to call out the word 'safe' to your opponent so that they know what they are about to shoot.

As she turned around and looked at me to call her safe, she said, "shit."

So I thought she was disgusted with herself that she had to play safe. I won that game and a few other games later she happened to be playing another one of my teammates on the table in front of my team.  Again she had to play safe, and she turned to my teammate and said, "shit."

And then it finally dawned on me (and also the rest of my teammates as we all started laughing) that instead of saying 'safe,' she says 'shit.' Lol.  And I don't mean she says the word calmly I mean she says it kind of sarcastically and funny.  It was really quite amusing and certainly a different take on playing safe!

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