Saturday, April 11, 2015

Teammate Times

I'm here at the BCAPL Texas state tournament this week and weekend.

I've already played in Scotch doubles and singles (which ill write about in detail later) and now I'm playing in women's teams.

My captain always sends a text to all of my teammates to let us know what time and what tables we play on next.

She always tells us to be there at the assigned tables 20 minutes before we play.

I, however, always show up at different times.  Sometimes earlier, but I admit usually later.

I always get there before we start (don't fret), but sometimes it is cutting it close.

But for some reason, and I admit I don't know why, she says I do not have to adhere to the time restraints of my teammates.  She knows I'm going to be there and that I don't need to show up 20 minutes early like everyone else.

I'm not sure exactly why though but it's pretty cool because I think she knows I don't really want to be early each time.  Maybe it's because I've been playing in tournaments for 20 years or maybe it's because I'm just, I don't know, dependable?

Either way it's pretty cool and I feel special I admit.  :)

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