Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Team Spirit in Play Offs

I wrote recently about giving a teammate a high-five after she lost a game in our team event because she was new to pool and competing, and I could tell she could use some encouragement.

I also stated how helpful it has been for me personally after I lose to get confirmation from any teammate that (1) they were watching, (2), they still luv me, or (3) that it's okay that I lost a game.

Any recognition:

A high five,
A fist bump,
Verbal acknowledgement,

It's VERY helpful because let's face it we are embarrassed after we lose a game for our team and any encouragement keeps us pumped up.

So, I was pleasantly surprised during my women's team playoffs this past weekend when I noticed everyone started to do this!

I think it was because they saw me fist bump every time someone lost a game.  Next thing you know, they are telling me "good try" or giving me a fist bump, too.

It was amazing how everyone on the team started to acknowledge every win OR loss by EACH player.

And, it just happened naturally after only one person started to do it!

BTW, we placed an impressive 2nd place in the playoffs!  And the first set in the finals even went hill-hill.  I don't think anyone expected us to do so well in the tourney or in the finals!

Go team go!

"8 Ball Heat"  (I'm pointing to the 9-9 score, lol)

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