Thursday, November 6, 2014

Gambling In Another State

While out camping and sightseeing one long weekend over the Summer, my boyfriend and I one night stopped at a small little bar for some drinks.  They even had a couple of pool tables in it!

We were in Virginia I think, maybe North Carolina.  I don't recall the exact state where this occurred. 

A couple of guys were playing pool on the pool table near the front door.  As we sat at the bar and drank for a couple of hours, no one played on the second table.  I was watching the locals dance on the dance floor, my boyfriend was talking to the other guys at the bar.

At one point, I looked around and saw a guy and a girl playing on the second pool table.

And, they were using a magic rack - not one I had seen before though.

I told my boyfriend, who wasn't even looking at the tables, "Hey, a guy and girl are now playing on that pool table." 

"Oh?"  He replies.

"Yeah, and they are using a funky magic rack or something."

"Oh really?" He says intrigued as he turns around to see what's up.

He grabs his beer and walks over and goes to talk to the guy racking.

They talk and chat it up for a little while.  Then he comes back to the bar and asks me, "want to play scotch doubles with me?"

I had had a few drinks and wasn't sure if I was the best partner for him, but at $20 a person, I figured it couldn't hurt to try.

After they played a few games, they finally said they were warmed up.

Warmed up!?  We had had a few more drinks at the bar area while they "warmed up," lol.  

I didn't think this was going to end up pretty at all.

We start to play and it's not scotch doubles, but doubles. 

But, I honestly didn't know what to do.  Am I suppose to run out?  If I do that, will they want to play again?

I asked my boyfriend before I stepped up each time to the table to shoot, "What do I do?"

He would say, "make a few balls then miss."


I did that a few times and then he would say, "Okay, now run out."

He wasn't playing too well but he gave me great advice because I honestly wasn't sure what to do!

After several sets, we ended up winning 5, I think, and lost 1 (because of a bad safety by me).

It was getting later and later and then somehow my boyfriend got in a game for a race to 7 (I think) for $100.  It's pretty late now in the night, but a several people were still left in the place.

My boyfriend was about to break and then all of a sudden he stopped!

He stood up, put his arms in the air and said, "Before I start, does anyone wanna play my girl for hundred?!?"


No one said anything!

He looked around the room and asked again, "Seriously.  Anyone wanna play my girl for a hundred?"

Then some guy says from the corner, "your girl plays better than you."

And with that, my boyfriend broke and proceeded to win that set, AND the next set!

I asked him the next morning while we ate breakfast, "Babe.  Did it upset you that that guy said I played better than you?"

He looked up from his coffee and smiled, "Nope, that's what we wanted."


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