Monday, November 10, 2014

Am I Helping?

I wrote before that I joined a new team on my ladies league b/c they asked me to join b/c they wanted pointers and to improve their games.

At my league playoffs (where we placed SECOND!), one of my ex teammates who I hadn't seen in many, many months came up to me and we gave each other a great big hug!  I have really missed her.

We chatted just a little bit and before we each had to play in our matches, but she asked me, "Why did you join that team?"

I replied, "Because they wanted me to help them with their game."

"Well, are you?"

But then she was whisked away for a team meeting.

Hmm... good question.

WAS I helping my teammates?

"I have no idea!" I thought to myself.

I mean, I have shown them shots after league, but only a handful of times.  And they have asked me, "how would you have shot that?" kinda questions after they played, but was I really helping them?

The next day, while we are still in the playoffs, my teammate walks by our table after a great out!  And she says to the captain, "I knew I could make that ball because I have seen Melinda make it before."

My ears perk up.  Omg really?

Then after a few more games, my captain tells me, "Laurie is really focused on you when you play."

"She is?"  I ask.

"Yea, she said she loves to watch you play because you play so calm and have such a cool demeanor about you.  And, she sees you stay down well and take your time."

I was thinking, "wow, really?"

Then another teammate jumps in on the convo - "Yes, we love to watch you play - we learn so much from your choices and how you handle yourself during the matches.  Plus, you come with some really awesome shots sometimes!"

So, I guess I got my answer.  I really HAVE helped my teammates!


And not by just showing them a few shots after their matches, but by them watching me play my matches.

How freaking cool!

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