Monday, October 20, 2014

Remember When You First Started

We have a new girl on our women's team. 

She is not only new, she is really green, too.

Of course by that I mean she is new to pool.  And new to leagues.  And new to tournaments.

Sheri played with us at the ACS Texas State Tournament last weekend and her and her best friend, Laurie, had a great time!  Laurie is also a little green.

They both love learning so much about pool and LOVE the game.  Remember when you were giddy about pool, too?  Well, that's where they are in their pool lives right now.  They LOVE the game and have so much fun playing it, that they can't get enough of it!

They smile, smile, smile!  All the time while they play pool and just enjoy it so much. 

My captain ensured every team member played every match, so no one would sit out. So, even though Laurie and and Sheri were new to pool, they got time in as well.  About 1 or 2 games a match (it's only a race to ten).

I noticed at one point in the middle of the afternoon in about our 3rd match that Sheri lost a really tough game, even though she tried her little heart out. 

She shook her opponets' hand, walked back to her seat, and sat down all quiet. 

I saw how she sat down all deflated, so I got up, went over to her, and held my hand up for a high five.

She looked up at me a little sad, but then high-fived me, smiled BIG, and said so genuine smiling, "Thank you!"

I wanted to acknowledge her play.  Let he know someone was watching.  And that someone still cared about her.

After I lose I love it when people still do something, anything.  Say something to me, PLEASE!  I'm hurt, embarrassed, and wanted to win for you guys.  Show me some love even though I lost!

I could see she was so disappointed in herself and being new to tournaments, I wanted her to know it was okay.  And we still appreciated her efforts.

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Pool player said...

This is such a wonderful blog. I know exactly what your talking about. I wish at times I was complimented even if I lost. Instead at times I walk away and I get asked you think we should put a sub in? Definitely can say it feels like failure at times. Thank you for this.