Friday, October 24, 2014

My Rack

A few years ago my friend Monica suggested that I write in my blog how and why I rack balls a certain way. 

Well, I didn't think too much about doing that, until at ACS last week one of my friends asked me why I always put the 11 ball on the left corner, and the 4 ball on the right corner.

She wondered if it was related somehow to dates of my Mom.

I thought, "Wow, that would be cool!" 

Well, the 11 ball sort of is.

When I was 11, my Mom and Dad first met each other (obviously my step-Dad), and so 11 became my favorite number.

And anytime I have to choose a raffle ticket or a number or set my alarm, whatever, there is always an 11 or 1 in it.

So, of course the stripe I use to rack an 8-ball rack has the 11 ball on a corner.

 The way I rack 8 ball, with my break cue in the pic, too!

Why on the left side? 

I guess I am partial to the left because I shoot pool left handed, even though I'm right handed.  I even always move my coin to the left, if I win the first game.

The solid ball on the right corner is the favorite color of my friend Janet - purple.  It's a neutral color, and not the fav color or number of my two ex boyfriends, lol. 

So, there you have it!  Why I rack the 11 on the left, and the 4 ball on the right.  :)

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