Thursday, October 16, 2014

My PawnShop Find

As most pool players do who travel or are into pool cues, many have stopped by local Pawnshops as they go through little or big cities to see what magical things they might find.

I have been in about a dozen pawnshops in my lifetime hoping for that rare, cheap find that is really for an expensive cue. 

And on my September vacation, I finally found a cue I wanted to buy!  We were in North Carolina about to go over the beautiful Smoky mountains!

Sure, it's not worth but a few hundred, but it LOOKS like it's worth more (and I really do know cues as I used to work on a website for Joe Salazar who sells used cues).

Here is my find:

An old, beautiful Huebler!  Even in it's original square case!

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Pool player said...

Gotta love the little things.