Monday, March 31, 2014

Preparing for the Unprepared

I've mentioned I'm in a rut. 

I am.

Timing is horrible!

I'm playing in the BCAPL Texas State tourney that starts this week.  And I'm unprepared.

As I said in my Rut Uh blog entry, "anyone that reads this blog the past few years know that is the one tourney I've always wanted to win. "

I haven't practiced.  I haven't hit balls.  Both my Monday and Thursday night leagues are on hiatus.  Haven't played weekly tourneys.  Nothing.  No table time.

When I do play on Sundays during league, I can see just how badly I'm playing.  :(

So, I decided to prepare for the unprepared.

I have to face facts.  I'm not playing well.

While I want to say, "Oh, hey, this will allow me to just have fun and not think of this title tournament."  But we all know how that goes.  Especially if we are playing badly.

So, I'm resigned to the fact I prolly wont do well.  And I'm okay with that.  If I haven't prepared, then I am unprepared to do well.  Right?  Fact. 

I have to admit I DID read the eight-ball section of Play Your Best Pool (my FAV 8ball book) by Phil Capelle TWICE in two weeks.  AND Brad Gilbert's Winning Ugly (my FAV mental book) also TWICE in two weeks!

Hey, I didn't JUST sit around doing nothing.  lol.

I just need to be very self aware this week.  Come on, Melinda!

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