Monday, March 17, 2014

Self Awareness

Two Sundays ago I played in my Sunday league and went 0-5.  Ouch!  I wrote how I was in a rut and was pretty bothered by it.  Just 3 weeks before, I went 6-0 (pretty tough to do imo), but that wasn't all ME.  I mean, my opponents have to mess up and/or not run out.

On that dreaded 0-5 day, I had 2-3 opportunities - ONLY.  In FIVE matches.  And wasn't able to capitalize.    :(

Well, imagine what a week can do.

Well, and imagine that we played the next Sunday against a weaker team (no offense to the team).

I really DID play better.  Still made mistakes, tho.  Bottom line is, my 6-0 yesterday (yep got ANOTHER 6-0!!) was not because I won all my matches with great play and no misses.  It's because I was given chances in 4 of the games.

(the other two games I ran out - 1 break and run and 1 rack and run - GO ME!)  :)

It makes a huge difference to play a team that doesn't run out on you or play jam-up safes.  Because I AM the type of player if I get 1 or more chances at a table I can prevail a lot of the times.

I did play better, though.  Been thinking about my poor play and so I slowed down, and focused on my fundamentals.  Been also reading Winning Ugly by Brad Gilbert that I've wrote so much about (and highly recommend), to help me prepare for a big tourney-to-me coming up the first week of April so that might have helped, too.

But mostly, NOT rushing and playing a little slower.

So, I am very happy I am playing a little better right now.  It's not GAME time so I'm not really sure how I'm playing overall, but I can tell a little difference.  Self-awareness is HUGE in pool in my opinion and can help us.

Even Brad Gilbert talks a lot of about self-awareness.  Before, during, and after a match.  Especially during which I have written about before, also.  Mostly to recognize before it's too late what is going on in the match,

But this self awareness was refocusing on my fundamentals.  And being conscientious to slow down a little.  Not play so fast and focus on staying down and looking at that object last.  For me, that is KEY.

Hope this continues!!

Wish me luck please :)

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