Friday, January 3, 2014

Gambling Woes

I usually write about my wins, after the few times I have gambled.  Well, I have to be honest and say that while I do normally win, I didn't win a couple of months ago.  And it stung!

There is a local female player that I have tried to gamble with before and while she is eager, her boyfriend (now husband, maybe?) always said no.

Well, I go to a local bar to see how this tournament is doing and she is there.  It's late, like 11pm, and while my boyfriend and I are chatting with others, all of a sudden he tells me to get up and play.  I'm like, What?  They said yes?

I have to borrow a cue from someone and I lose the flip and have to ask her, "What are we playing and for how much?"  lol, I had NO IDEA what was agreed to!

But, long story short I didn't play well at all.  :(

So, I lost the race to 5 eight-ball for $50.

We ask to play another set and all of a sudden we are told that the place closes at midnight!  And they promptly left!  They didn't even give me another chance to win my money back (or lose another $50, lmao).

Dang it!  They finally agree and I LOST!  omg lol.

And will she ever play me again?  Or was that it?  Now that they said yes and now that I got beat?  I guess only time will tell, if and when we run into each other again and the opportunity arises.  If so, I hope I play better! 

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