Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Surprise Team Name

I mentioned before that I switched from a Monday team to a Sunday team, within the same League, so I could still qualify for ACS and BCAPL Nationals in Vegas.

As I mentioned before, I asked this particular team if I could join them because I knew they had fun guys on it, all the while they played strong, too.  Sorry, I just can't be playing on a weak team, lmao.

(I'm serious!, lol)

As a reminder how fun these guys are, I called one of them and left a voicemail about perhaps joining their team, if they had room.  He calls me back and says, "Well, we would love to have you on our team, but we have already met our white person quota."


Did I pick the right team or what??  They are hysterical!

The have welcomed me with open arms and I am really enjoying the fun Sunday afternoons with them.

I noticed our stats came in via email and for the first time, I decided to look up what our team name meant in Spanish.  Our team name is "Los Barrachos."

So, today I googled the translation and started to LMFAO!

"los borrachos" from Spanish:

"The Drunks."



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